Discover the clubs for you at UVA

Discover, learn, and get involved with the best student organizations for you, all online.

We're hosting the best online activities fair on Grounds on Friday, August 28th, 12-3pm. (That's the end of the first week of school.)

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Meet awesome organizations
looking for new members

We've built some unique features for this online activities fair.

Recommended clubs

We'll recommend the best clubs to join based on your interests.

Meet the leaders

Each club will be online in a Zoom call so that you can ask specific questions.

Easy sign up

It's just one-click to express interest (no commitment) and get sent more information from each club's leaders.

Learn the ins and outs

Each club's profile details everything you need to know, from dues to their application process.

Meet these clubs and 300+ more on August 28th

Meet the best clubs
on Grounds

Save the date! Friday (first week of school), August 28th, 12pm-3pm. This online activities fair is open to all UVA students and clubs.

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Student FAQ

Who's running this?

This site and the virtual event are run by HackCville, a CIO and 501c3 non-profit at UVA. (This is an entirely independent initiative from UVA or Student Council. You can register for StudCo's here.) We wanted to create the online experience we wanted, both as students and as club leaders, so we did!

Are there any fees to participate?

Nope - the online event is free to everyone. If you're a CIO who wants to sign up, you can register here. (It's free for you too.)

What is HackCville?

We run semester-long skills courses, a summer internship program, and weekend trips to cities with startup hubs. We want to set up our grads with skills that will lead to awesome careers, tech-related or not.

When does the event take place?

The online activities fair will take place on Friday, August 28th, 2020. During the online fair, you can login/out as you please, no need to stay the whole time.

Why is HackCville doing this?

We know that COVID-19 means the normal activities fair can't happen. We saw this as an opportunity to improve the experience for students and for clubs by moving the fair online. We do what HackCville always does - we built the solution that we wanted as students.

How was this made?

The web app that's used to power the online fair were created without any coding. If you want to learn how to create web apps like this without code, or even if you do want to learn how to code, HackCville has programs to teach you how this fall. (Our website will updated soon with our fall offerings.)

Take me to the fair

The fair takes place Friday, August 28th, 12pm-3pm.