Reach new students

We know how vital the Activities Fair is to organization to find new members. That's why we built the online platform we wished existed.

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We built software to help market your CIO and reach new members

Register your club
Easily collect emails
Easily schedule info sessions
We do all of the marketing

How does it work?

Get displayed in our directory

We'll showcase the basic info but also questions that students really want to know. What days to you meet? What is the avg time commitment? What are membership dues? And many more.

Host a virtual table

Each club will have a Zoom meeting live from 12-4pm on Friday August 28 that students can join and ask specific questions. (This is the Friday of the first week of school.)

Host info sessions

In addition to a virtual table, CIO's will be able to schedule info sessions during the day if they have a message they want to share with many students at once.

Get a list of all interested students

After the online activities fair, you'll get an email with a list of every student who expressed interest in joining your CIO.


Is this the StudCo Online Activities Fair?

Nope. This site and the virtual event are run by HackCville, a CIO and 501c3 non-profit at UVA. (This is an entirely independent initiative from UVA or Student Council.) We wanted to create the online experience we wanted, both as students and as club leaders, so we did!

Is it free for clubs to register?

Yep - we're doing this because we want to help!

Is there a deadline to register my club?

We want all CIO's to be registered by August 24th.

Is there anyway that my club can help?

After you register, you can help us spread the word by sharing this page with any students or this page with any other CIO leaders.

Register your CIO today

CIOs must register by August 24th. The online activities fair will take place August 28th, 12-3pm.